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Chocolate-Coated Freeze Dried Fruits

Chocolate-coated freeze dried fruits are the product of an extraordinary harmonious taste which is obtained from two raw materials:
The freeze dried fruits and Belgian high-quality milk chocolate.
Carefully selected fruits for chocolate coating must be wholesome without physical defects (fractures), equal in size and color.

We can offer the following chocolate-coated products:



Chocolate-coated Raspberries

Selected whole freeze-dried raspberries, topped with milk chocolate of exquisite taste, round shape and fine shine.




Chocolate-coated Strawberries

Freeze-dried strawberry halves topped with milk chocolate



Chocolate-coated Apricot

Freeze-dried apricot slices topped with milk chocolate.



Chocolate-coated Freeze-Dried Mix

Freeze-dried whole raspberries and wild blueberries topped with milk chocolate and mixed in a single package.


Chocolate products are now even better and more attractive, such as:

Freeze-dried fruits in dark chocolate (70% cocoa) and freeze-dried fruits in white chocolate.

Collective package (12 boxes x 80g)

Zbirno pakovanje (12 kutija x 80g)
Zbirno pakovanje (12 kutija x 80g)